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Lectora AICC course with SABA LMS (Read 2578 times)
11/10/06 at 13:57:40
njaikr   Ex Member

Dear all,

              I have developed a course using Lectora with AICC compliance. While launching the course through SABA its giving the following error.

Permission Denied
The file that gave the Permission Denied is Named “a001titlemgr.html”

Please help to resolve this problem

N Jayakumar
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Reply #1 - 11/21/06 at 12:33:15
Sshagui   Ex Member

Hi all,

Im pretty impressed that we are suffering the same troubleshots, at the same file, and using Lectora too.

Our LMS is AICC compliance with HACP (VTA LMS??).

Any help about this would be much apreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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Reply #2 - 12/08/06 at 11:31:15
Sshagui   Ex Member

We have been investigating a week about this error.

We havent got any solutions actually, so im gonna share the info we got...

We have a company providing LMS services, via HTTPS. In another domain, we have our course, in a public domain server (http).

It is supossed that the company makes a link to our content, and we believe that the permission error becomes for the security of the internet explorer, but we still arent sure.

If we discover anythin i will try to post it out. Meanwhile, any ideas or suggestions would be much welcomed.

Best regards.

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Reply #3 - 01/04/07 at 18:12:11

Mark Schupp   Offline

CMI 5 Working Group

Posts: 493
This is likely a cross-domain communication or scripting problem. I'm not sure exactly how Lectura performs its communication but if it is using Java then a signed applet is required and you would see a request to grant special permissions to the applet.

Mark Schupp - Integrity eLearning
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